Peak Performance and Executive Health

If you’re a leader, entrepreneur or a business person, working in a high pressure job and living a high pressure life, you need to be firing on all cylinders.  There is much that can be done through personalized medicine to maximize performance, productivity and resilience to help you be even more awesome at work and life.

As a busy professional, your business and financial success is intimately tied to you firing on all cyclinders.  You need your brain and body to be functioning optimally.  I work with hard working professionals pushing themselves at work and sometimes doing extreme sports on the weekend. 

Professionals rely on their brain power to make their living.  Preserving and enhancing cognition are critical.  Keeping energy up is essential.  It’s imperative for people in high pressure jobs to preserve their health…. it is your most important resource after all. 

It’s commonly thought that health is the foundation.  But it’s also the ceiling that sets the limits in every realm of our lives.  We cannot reach our full potential in our personal and professional lives if our health is only mediocre.  When health is only a 5/10, how can performance in any of our endeavors be a 10/10?  If this is possible for a short time, it’s certainly not possible.

Studies have shown that an unexpected health issue, like a heart attack out of the blue, can set you back in life, and in your finances, derailing you from your plans for life.  Your business, job, employees and family all suffer if you were to have an adverse health event.

The standard “executive physicals” rely on conventional screening tests.  However, by the time something shows up on a conventional screening test, it means something is already awry with your health.  Screening is not prevention and conventional executive physicals exams are not thorough enough.

How does my approach differ from standard executive exams?  I do the standard of care tests as well advanced testing to find out what is going on “under the hood”. 

My approach includes looking at the following:

  • Diet and lifestyle factors such as exercise and sleep
  • Stress – measuring it and managing it
  • Nutritional status 
  • Hormone health
  • Toxic exposures
  • Gut health
  • Hidden gut infections

My goal for you is to not just find early disease.  I want to help you prevent disease and keep you performing at your full potential.  You owe it to yourself and all those that depend on you.