Recommended Products

About My Recommendations:
One of the things I’ve struggled with over the years is what products to recommend to patients beyond the things I prescribe such as prescription meds, hormones, and supplements. It’s been a challenge navigating products for personal care and biohacking, even with my training. With time, I created a collection of resources and products that I personally use and love, as well as recommend to patients. The resources and products below are things that I believe will help support a healthy and toxin-free lifestyle.

Fullscript is a platform that carries various high-quality brands of clean self-care products.  This link, once you register, will take you to my curated Lifestyle Protocol collection that includes products for oral hygiene, skincare and even food items such as high-quality protein powders.

Organo Premium King Coffee

Organo King Coffee is Ganoderma (Reishi) mushroom containing organic coffee. If you want to uplevel your morning routine and your energy this is a must try that I’ve been using for years. You get double the benefit: antioxidants from organic coffee and immune and energy boosting effects from mushrooms. It is especially delicious and nutritious when blended with collagen and medium chain triglycerides. Once you click this tab, select beverages and then Gourmet Organo King of Coffee.

Nelly De Vuyst® is a premium skin care brand with a longstanding reputation as one of the most effective, anti-aging and corrective skin care lines on the market that is compatible with all medical aesthetic practices. Made in Canada!


I’ve been using and recommending red light therapy panels for a few years now. Also known as photobiomodulation, red light therapy is a favorite “biohacking” tool of mine. It helps with a number of conditions – skin issues, energy, muscle aches, exercise recovery – because it helps cells work better. When cells are energized and work better, then organs and systems work better. As such, it doesn’t treat disease per se, but rather helps improve overall health by restoring cellular health. This link will give you 20% off at checkout or you can use the code healthyhabits.

SwissBionic PEMF Mat

Manmade EMFs are harmful to human health but earth-based EMFs are beneficial to human health. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy mimics natural earth-based EMFs and helps restore the charge to the cell’s surface (aka membrane potential). This effectively recharges our batteries and thereby makes all of the molecular approaches work that much better. I have found these systems to be especially beneficial in pain and fatigue conditions and consider them to be game-changer interventions.